Monday, July 6, 2009



James and Jay flew to Austin, Texas last week to visit the "Three Little Boys". It was a great trip and we found all to be well there. They are happy and doing their thing and living just fine...we think. They were wonderful hosts and we enjoyed the trip so much. Here they are in their newly acquired China shirts. These photos will be photoshopped into the Family Reunion group photo because they will not be there for the group photo, but we will attach them...

Josh's son, Dennis was in a summer theater program during this stay with his Dad and he had his final performance that night. We enjoyed seeing him perform even though he felt like he should do it with his shirt pulled up over his head. He was great and took a bow, followed by family cheers and adulation for the little emperor, our hero.

Josh's son, Zac, was excited to wear his new China outfit too and gives us that sign, I think...

Dennis loves his little outfit as much as the three boys do too. He is so good natured and fun to play with.

Josh and Adriene have a wonderful home and enjoy the family (both kids)as often as possible as they fly from Salt Lake City to Austin.

Josh, Adriene, Dennis and Zac in their front room. Photo shop photo also.
Josh is a great "Texas Barbeque" Chef. Oh Boy, was it delicious.
We made lincoln log houses with battle guns out the sides...Great fun.
Josh and Adriene's back yard.

Jared's car to get to work is cool... He is waiting tables at a nearby restaurant.

2240 Magazine. Jared has an idea to write and publish a new magazine in Austin...Good Luck ! He is collecting money for advertising and preparing his first edition... Send him some stories and articles to publish. Want to get published, just see Jared.
This is Jared's front room where he has done an entire wall mural in oil paint. He is a talented artist now I least on the walls. But watch for his paintings to appear on the national scene someday, much like Picaso.
Jonathan and "Z" at a Texas Bistro for lunch with us...
Their house is so cute, small and compact, but so well organized, clean and artistic. We love it.

We flew home safely and the trip was a great success. We enjoyed swimming there with this kids too.