Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Cabin Work. Thelin Homestead, Island Park, Idaho.

Enclosing the cabin front deck, Summer 2011.

We had an unknown animal(s) break into our deck area and access our cupboards and food storage and simply wreck the place early last fall before winter began. We had someone come in and clean up afterwards. But, we were fast becoming aware that we needed more than a tarp covering.

Our little place now has an additional room on the cabin no more annual work tarping it every winter or in our absence. The three additional windows and two additional doors are great and allow us to sit in a new room, and be at our computers at the large front window. We can watch for animals, relax and just look over the place. We love it. It was a big job for one person, but Tricia helped a lot. Thanks again Tricia.

READING AWARDS, presented by Grandma to each of the grandchildren who read several good books according to their reading agreement, received award certificates and a $10. cash reward. This new campfire presentation was one of many reunion highlights to remember. Do you think every kid there will be reading more before next year's Grandma Darling's awards? Yes.
The first weekend of July, 2011, the annual Thelin Reunion was held at the Thelin Homestead in Island Park, Idaho. There was a good attendance although it was not possible for everyone to come this year.
In addition to the campfires, camping, crafts, hiking, horseshoes, canoeing, rides the the golfcart, and waterfront activities, the food was delicious and the family entertainment superb.
After the reunion, as you can see here, Jay did a lot of repair work like putting a new roof on the tool storage shed and completed the exterior remodelling of our little, 16' X 24' cabin as shown here in the before and after photos. Yah.