Sunday, August 23, 2009



We had a fun CHINA TEACHERS reunion at the THELIN HOMESTEAD, in Island Park, Idaho this past weekend. See dated photos. We had a good turnout, and those who came had a great time and we really enjoyed having them here... We all went together on a canoe ride down the Buffalo River. What an enjoyable thing this was. It was a great trip.

Some 1000 word photos offer proof...

Who are these people? They are some of the many 2008 -2009 BYU China English Teachers.

Those who came were: Joan and Tom , Julie and Terry Miller, Joanne and Joe Goodrich , Dana and Jay Thelin...

and Duane and Sharon Judd --(the Judds came for three days earlier than the rest...)

Fire Hole Swimming Area in Yellowstone National Park.

OLD FAITHFUL was traditional and still provides a grand show.

We enjoyed Yellowstone National Park together.

There were several buffalo in the immediate Old Faithful, populated vicinity.

Some went four wheeling or three wheeling... Duane needed a tow because his mini -ride just quit out on the road. Great fun and good photo op.

Yes, They tented it... but these are not normal tent accomodations.

Fisherman, Joe, came dressed to kill and the fish knew it. He really looks the part and he is truly an avid fly fisherman. He caught quite a few and released them all. He is one kind fisherman eh?

See Joe out there fishing? ... at the Riverfront at the THELIN HOMESTEAD. Walk the log if you dare.

A morning service project was really a surprise to me. They dug it while I was sleeping... All finished now! Yahoo. What great examples of service. They are the greatest.

We had a good time, but all good times come to an end and we bid each other farewell for this year, but we can do it again, and we will see you all again... You are all invited!
Jay and Dana Thelin,
Thelin Homestead.