Thursday, July 8, 2010

Summer Vacation with the Grandkids.

There are more.

Dennis and Zak were found in Austin Texas and we wanted to add them to this long list of Grand children... Dennis is the one in the mask.

Family Reunions:

... gave us a chance to get re-aquainted with our children, their families and our grandchildren... Malibu is right at home in front of the camera. Give her a wig and she will make it work!

Maddison is 17! She is the oldest grandkid and always will be.

The Lin Family Portland, Oregon.

The newest grandkid is Tammy Lee Thelin (1 month)

Lilly Thelin

Jackson Thelin (2)

Tiffany & Joseph's family with James & Karen's also and Dana and I

Jason and Vanessa.

Jerusha and Trenton found some mutant but delicious Oregon strawberries.

Tammy Lee Thelin is in awe with everything that is going on...

Lilly, Jericka and Emma

Da Whole Gang.

Now who wants to wear the Chinese clown wig? Jerusha?







Or Boston??? What do you think?

Conan made big bubbles for all see.

POP POP and Emma. (7)

Grace Thelin, Age 10

Boston with fan.

Malibu goes penny shopping with Grandma Darling for China souveniers.

The big boys went crabbing at the Oregon beach. We caught three and ate them really fast. Delicious!

POP POP and Abby.

Grandma Darling and Tammy Lee.

Grace and Tammy Lee.

Tanner. We are finally home in the USA with the Grandkids


James and his new (third) daughter, Tammy Lee Thelin

One of Tammy's older sisters is Jerusha. (3)

Pop Pop and 2 year old Jackson Thelin