Monday, October 25, 2010

Mormon Crickets - Lunchables

Silk Worm Larve on the side. Fast Food Lunch in China is a cultural exchange program for westerners. We found some delicious oblong cantalope (crunchy) and decided to indulge in some fast food today. Fruit is so good here in China. This snack on a stick cost 1 yuan, about $.14 cents, each. Here is Dana, Jay and Joseph snackin...and loving it. It is the fruit currently in season and it is so crunchy good.

We have enjoyed having Tiffany and Joseph Lowe visit us for a week here in Jinan. They stayed at our house with the written permission of the Police Department, so they were legal.
Now this is it. We found these oh so interesting barbeque items in the fast food section of the outdoor market. Yes, Mormon Crickets who found their way to China...and ended up in the roasting oven and on the barbi. They go well with just a few of the adjacent roasted silk worm larve. Ya gotta try them. Actually, I still have to do that too, as we all passed on these because we were not that hungry at that particular time. We took a picture which was enough for us to remember to go back when were were starving. The early Utah pioneers probably should have thought this protein food source through a little more thoroughly, now don't ya think? This type of daily barbeque would have solved more than one problem for them.
There are lots of variety of drinks and ice cream bars here and they are very inexpensive and great tasting.

We were searching the area and fell upon some fast foods that were unique and looked oh so tasty. These are some more.... What are they? Guess on the ones you do not recognize in your comments.

Chinese Pizza wannabe...
Guess what this snack is...Little baby squid snack packs in glutinous rice ball packages...kind of like a complete Chinese Happy Meal.

These will make your mouth water if you look at them close up, so click on the photo and take a closer look.
Steamed Bread or Bouzi...are always delicious. want, they have in fast food. These are a wide variety of items threaded on Chinese Barbeque sticks which are placed over some wood charcoal and roasted to taste....Yum, Yum.

These boiled snacks are everywhere at night for the late night date.
???? I don't know... Do you?

Shrimp on a stick, plus some tofu or bread on a stick for barbequing Chinese style.
Crawdads on a stick....Everything in China as far as fast food seems to be on a stick.

These little crabs are not yet on a stick but may be any minute. Good Luck Guys.

Chicken parts on a stick. These are edible and even palatable when they are warm. Chinese food is so good when you are hungry you know. Please comment so I know who is reading these rambling oppinionated remarks and real life original photos. Thanks.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Jason and Tanner are coming to Beijing this Friday night. We will go to Beijing and meet them at the airport and then stay two days in Beijing to see all the sights there. Then on to Jinan by the fast train late Sunday night. They will stay a week or more with us. We are so excited to see them and hope their long intercontinental flight is a good one. See you soon guys.

The Red Leaves were out this year when we went to Red Leaf Valley with Morgan and Luci Jones... We took a city bus (3 yuan) all the way to the site (1 hour) and then a taxi (40 yuan total) up the mountain to the resort. We enjoyed walking the site and took a golf cart part of the way. It was beautiful with the fall leaves and this is where we "RELAXED OURSELVES" they say in China.

Yes, this is a BLACK SWAN. Dana loves swans.

This is the tunnel into the Bird Sanctuary which is entirely covered with netting.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

We are Back in China!

Our 3rd Year Teaching English.

We have been back in our apartment in Jinan for one month now. We are having a ball.
When we flew in to Beijing we had to stay over night. The beds were hard, but we must be getting use to it because we slept quite well.
This time we brought back of lot of American stuff to Jinan to make our last year a little easier and fun.

We enjoyed our daughter Tiffany and Joseph coming to China for a week and staying with us. We travelled to Beijing to meet them and to for them to tour. We really had a ball showing them around and buying stuff in China. They are great and so adventurous to come for a week without their 4 kids who stayed at home in Portland Oregon. The kids were in daily contact with them by Skype and that was fun to see too.
Watch for their blog posts (The Lowe Crew) coming soon, to see all of their and our China Adventures together. We love you guys! G
lad you make it home safely.

Pictures to follow if we can get more of them over the GFW with photos which are not vaulting over very well yet. We are getting it to work better now...

We shall overcome.

Jay and Dana
Jinan, China.

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Is anyone out there?