Sunday, January 23, 2011




We were driven to a local hotel ballroom. We soon discovered that they really know how to party. Dana and I were asked in advance, to perform a number on the program. We prepared, practiced and danced to the music of Anne Murray: "Could I have this Dance -- for the Rest of my Life?" which is "our song" while a DVD played the music and the words on the big screen over photos or our life from marriage to the present. It was a big hit and at the end of the night, we were called back on stage by the department chairman and we were awarded "2nd prize" in the talent competition and handed a red envelope full of cash. What a great night. We had no idea that they gave such prizes to the participants in university see, it seemed like it was just an LDS Ward or Stake New Years Program! But, this is China. They have money to spare I guess and even more money to loan I hear...

Dinner was...well Chinese Food. We are already finished here...

"Could I have this Dance" for the Rest of my Life? This is our song!

Rockin it!

The student staff number one prize! They were so good. They rocked the house, with the 79 year old, retired, former department chairman (center) their lead rock star.

The awards ceremony with kids placed on stage...for photos.

Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire...wannabes

The Dance from India. These are Chinese students though. They worked up this number for the New Years program.

Photos with the faculty kids...

The above was a photo opportunity with the department chairman next to Jay and the vice chairman next to Dana.

These students were program participants, on the program committee and were all Engineering students, staff, and faculty. These three were my former English Class Students. The woman and the man one each end of our group are getting married to each other later this year. HAPPY NEW YEAR. December 31, 2010.





School is ending and on the last day of classes, we took a class photo together. These are my students:

The above class was my biggest last semester...

You can easily see how big my classes were this past semester...

The above photo was at our apartment on Sunday night for English Corner...

The short video below, is "Adam", one of my best English post graduate engineering students this year. He is a good friend and a pretty good English speaker. He is quite a guy. Listen to his presentation of his final oral exam called which I entitled: "Teach the Teacher." Can you understand his presentation? Drop a line and comment.

We are headed into the season of "Spring Festival" in China. This is the big "Christmas-like" celebration where families have their annual family reunions. During these reunions, they, together as a family, clean the house, cook some delicious foods, and watch TV. Fireworks, yes, Fireworks all day and all night long. HAPPY SPRING FESTIVAL!...