Saturday, June 12, 2010

Fast Silk Screening by 3-woman

Da Mac is Back.

After the break-in and theft of our two computers and video camera, Dana was a little down, but today she has her new apple macintosh laptop to chew on. It is not new but used, in very good condition. We feel that we got a good deal on it from one of her techies named James, who fixes our computers for us and helps us keep them going in China. We bought his. She loves it and her projects are back on track. Can't you just tell?

A monsoon at the West market today and we were there to experience it. What a floody floody.
Jay spied some nice leather goods and bought a couple...during the floody. We are coming home soon you know...

We can learn a lot from the Chinese.

We have a small garage t-shirt business at home. This one is different. A skilled three man/woman team can put out a lot of silk screened t-shirts fast. This team we bumped into at the west market in Jinan was making screened shirts as fast as they could go. They did not have a huge investment in screening machinery, or even a large dryer. You can see how do it and how they lay out the shirts to dry. Everything is done fast, efficient, and with lots of labor ... and love.

Monday, June 7, 2010

"SMALL DIMPLES" Chinese Love Song

One week to go. Smiles all around.

At West market we found a three person silk screening process going on and took some photos. Pretty quick, Pretty slick. Need 3 people though and as you see no dryer...

Singing today.

Jay sang in Chinese today in his English Class to demonstrate that students can learn to sing in English and should do so... Clearly it is not impossible if you really want to learn to do it and you practice it and if anyone cana do it if you will just try!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Going home soon.

We have mixed feelings leaving our students behind as we get ready to fly out of Beijing to San Francisco and then on to Salt Lake City. We so enjoy these students and their warm, harmonious, and kindred spirits. We will miss them and their caring so much about us and taking good care of us.

One of my medical students gave me this photo of one of their patients who needs to stretch his skin to provide more patching and grafting skin for his burns. This is not me or Dana, but a medical demonstrator patient of our students. These students are learning to do these type of procedures and eventually become medical doctors in China.
This is after church last Sunday and it is the last photo of this years Jinan Twig, a small but somewhat independent twig off of the Beijing Branch. We have enjoyed this association and all the fun activities we have planned. Dana was the Twig Activities Chairman and Jay was the Jinan Group Leader.

This is the final class photos for some of our English Classes. We teach post graduate Engineering students and Medical students... Can you guess which they are in each photo?

Our academic advisors took Richard and Jay out for an end of the year Chinese lunch and toasted almost everything we could think of. We were treated royally. And, yes the food (fish, etc.) was delicious.

These are Dana's Freshmen medical students.

We are coming back to China on September 2nd for one more school year, our third. We have our round trip tickets in hand.