Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It is our first Sunday back from our 3 week vacation in Kunming and we decided that instead of taking our taxi driver t0 go to church in Suzhuo and back to Wuxi (cost 400 RMB). We would take first a bus to the train station (45 minutes - 3 RMB), wait for the train to leave (15 minutes), then a (G) fast train (13 minutes - 40 RMB), and finally a taxi (20 minutes- 25 RMB) going one way, and the same going home. This time it would be a total of 146 RMB round trip. We decided that is one thing we have "lots of time", so let's save some money.

The above is a picture of Jay sitting on the bus, this is me and if you think I am cold, you are right. It is cold.
When we got to train station we didn't have tickets, so we bought two on the next train our and so we had to wait 45 minutes, but now we know it leaves at 11 min. after every hour, so that will help the next time we won't have to stay so long in the train station.
This is Jay sitting in the station. He is in the first picture of the station, but I don't know if you can see him, I can because I took the picture.
This is everyone in a line getting ready to get on our train. I decided I needed to get down below if I was going to make it on, but we do have assigned seats and so far it hasn't left without us, even though it only stops for 3 minutes to pick up passengers.
In every train or bus station there is a KFC or if you are lucky a McDonalds. After reading an article from my daughter-in-law, Adrienne Thelin, about chicken McNuggets, I have decided not to eat them anymore.

The chapel inside the church. To have a meeting place, it has to be in a home of an LDS member. So, we are late for church by a half hour this week. But next time we will get our tickets early (the day before) and take the 8:11 AM train. If we can figure out what bus would take us get close to the church we could save 10 to 20 RMB. That will have to be learned in another adventurous moment in time.
This is the outside of the home/church. The family who lives there only uses the top floor and the kitchen. Notice the tall building behind the church. It is nicknamed the Pants Building, because when it is finished it will look like a pair of pants.
This is Below is a picture of Jay in front of it. After church we had thought we would go to Shanghai for a couple of days and see a few sights, but it was so cold we just went to eat at this Mexican Restaurant, not quite Mia Rancheritos, as they didn't have any cheese, but the meat and chips and salsa, salads and everything else was great. We left to go to church at 7:30 am and arrived home at 4:30 PM. It turned into cold but still a really great day. Looking forward to warmer weather. I think that next week should find us in Shanghai for a visit and to see Parami Gunarantna.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

2 1/2 weeks in Kunming.

There are purses every where, but on this trip I feel in love with the ones that look Chinese. I bought the three I am holding. They were made by this young man. He has done many for famous people. There pictures are on his wall inside of his shop. This outdoor market was something.
We are back from 2 1/2 weeks in Kunming, what a wonderful experience. It is a great city to visit, and our hostel was amazing. The above picture were a couple from Holland. We fixed them pancakes for breakfast before they left. We had some nice talks with them and enjoyed their company in the hostel very much.
This is the mall that was right below our apartment. We could get on the elevator and go down to the first floor and have a lovely evening looking at all the expensive shops that we would never buy anything in.
This is the new furniture they brought into our room. We loved looking out the window every night. The lights in the city were beautiful.
This is one morning when we got up, found it was a lovely warm day and heated out to see the sights of Kunming.
You can see a little mark where out apartment is at. In this picture we are on the 6th floor at a very lovely park area.
We went to this really big lake and when we first got there we rented this little car. We used it for just 30 minuets because we discovered that we could move faster walking.
Always in search of western food. Okay, I am always in search of Western food. We found this very nice restaurant by the University. They had many good place because of the foreign students that go to school there.
I spent 4 hours with Li, she taught me how to make these really cool strings grafts. I think it would just be easier buying them, but now I know how to make them and bought the material to do it.
This is a group of young ladies that were dressed up for some reason. They were on a walk through the out door market. This market was right across from our hostel, and it was great.
This is one of many statues in the main shopping area. Whole streets are closed off from cars and you can walk freely back and forth across the street.
One of the greatest things to do while in China, is to go and see the shows. This one was 2 hours long and it was amazing.
It had been raining a little before we went into the show. It was only two blocks away from our apt. and it was truly amazing performance.
This was Green Lake. It was the holidays and everyone was there enjoying the dancing and the beauty of the place.
A view of the lake.

These are how the chicken are taken to the open market. In this case the open market was along 3 blocks of the road. Everyone selling chickens. They were really big.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

More Days in Kunming

This was Sunday of day 4. We got up in the morning and got dressed for Church and then we listen to two General Conference talks. I would have been nice to have sacrament, but that will have to wait for two more weeks. At 10 AM we went to see the Stone Forest. Something Jay has always wanted to see in China. It was really beautiful and of course we had to buy a hat.

We were able to go with two really great students from Italy who were staying in our hostel. The are students at a University in Shanghai. When we get home we plan on getting together with them and fix them some Western food. We are able to answer any question they asked us and that was so great.

More Days in Kunming

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Vacation In Kunming

This is us at our hostel in Kunming. Today we were told it was a apartment building, but whatever it is we sure do like it.

Our second day here we went to the Yunnan International Culture Center, it is lot like the Polynesian Culture Center in Hawaii. It shows the 26 different minorities here in China. Most of them live in the South of China.
There are so many different types of hats. Each one represents the different groups at the Center.